THC vs CBD: What's In Your Weed?

How do CBD and THC work differently?
Two Stoned Guys Try To Explain The Respiratory System | STONED SCIENCE:

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Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Greg Brown
Illustrated by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

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CBD can help people in many ways. It is having healing properties. I have anxiety issues and I use cbd oil from on a regular basis. It helps me to keep my clam. You have described everything to help people understand clearly about cbd.

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Thc most plp smoke is stupid and hell.and they can't hold 100$ just saying next level crack and heroin

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THC makes me feel good a Lot

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I’ve smoked a cbd dab pen before and smoked cbd weed , I got hungry after an hour 😂😂😂 . But this has helped me with my anxiety and depression. I give it a 100/100. I love thc don’t get me wrong here but CBD isn’t that bad either to be quite honest

No thanks. I'm a traditional man

How bout crack na'mean

is THC toxic for humans?

cbd doesnt make you less higg

I stopped! And now i want to try cbd!

Great information

wait yall make comedians get high and explain science??? somebody hit my agent, i want in. +AsapSCIENCE

Article about how to cope social distancing anxiety with cannabis products:


Arts students be like daem that's scientific

Thank God I took science

I really like cbd! Se amate il CBD vi consiglio: , spediscono in tutta Europa in 4 giorni.

Bro he showin 7-28% thc that’s nothing I’m geeked of a 96%

Alcohol also reduces my anxiety for a little bit but after the effect if over i have even mlre anxiety

We need the legalization on Brazil !

Cbd i buy gets me stoned

Found some excellent CBD products here:


These guys have made a really good website:

Bruh dudes tryna sell this weak stuff on the streets cause it’s u won’t notice the difference lol reason i only get my weed from 1-2 ppl...

I like pot sometimes but sometimes I get a bad trip off it

CBD is amazing I recommend

So which one is better high recreational use

You really do lean towards CBD, you made it seem that THC is like a hardcore substance

You want to know why this is the MAGIC SALVE FOR PAIN RELIEF?

💯 % real people is trying and the results are awesome!

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the only difference between CBD and THC is CBD got ho's and THC does not

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Even with the cbd/thc both being different, together they help to balance each other. Meanwhile viruses do the opposite to our defense mechanisms.


You didn't complete the aromatic ring (in CBD structure).

Bro Im high asf and I just been vibing to the music the whole time

Bro i cant handle weed shit trips my mind out so bad


The thc didnt hijack my endocanabinoid system, it lives there.

Hey people in the comments since most of us watching this are hight let's talk about that's was the craziest thing your done while high

Dam I'm faded af I don't understand anything hes talking about

Then there is no point for cbd because people just wanna get high

I always have little to no effect when I smoke CBD and yes I do inhale

thca thc thcv cbda CBD cbn . I love tham .

Normally I would not leave a comment but this is important to me too try and help people who were like me that my be curious about trying cannabis, CANNABIS IS NOT WITH OUT VERY REAL RISKS. I was always curious about weed having heard so much good things about it like no hangover, pain relief, ect, so when the opportunity to try thc came I pounced on it, having used cbd many times I though it would be just as harmless and having researched all the weed forms and web sites all saying you can smoke mountains of weed and not overdose or get sick, so I went full on in to a pure thc vape the next day I woke up and was feeling very off ,so I asked my friends who also vaped if they felt off they said they were fine so being concerned about my situation I Googled it and found many other people that had the same thing happen. Its called depersonalization and its hell in the realist way there's not a cure the meds you can take may cause psychological damage making you worst, its horrible so I just wanted to let any teens or young adults who wanted to try weed on this video that its not worth it your not missing anything. Also im not saying you can't recover from depersonalization but believe me its betters just to avoid it from the get go. And to you hardcore cannabis guys I dont want to come off as rude I just want too help the people that were like me from suffering from a lack of education.

When iam high its looke like slowmo

guys i hit a dab pen but it was my friends so idk which was in it

More thc better it is

THC makes you happy and CBD pisses you off because you ain't high. Same plant different nutrients.

I hit them both plus drank a little you just feel really high lol



Kill me


Kill me

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balance is how universe work, so do cannabis

CBD has made me feel awful when I have taken it. Every substance reacts different to people, it’s not the holy grail.

tf is that red thing!?!? 0:10

I’m pissed I got sold cbd last night by the plug

THC is the brother that’s always in trouble and CBD is the calm favorite little brother

In like to come here every once in a while before a huge party where I'll probably lose it.

Can we just take a moment to just admire the animation work on this video, i love it!

THC is a cancer killer and has tonnes of medical uses. Don’t be fooled by the lies and propaganda - do your own research and look at people’s real stories. For more CBD products and gear.

anybody notice that anandamide is named after the sanskrit word ananda, meaning happiness?

Was great

What would u call a croc on weed? a cannabidiol

nice song

Don’t say stoned

You should review Unicorn CBD from

I...I think I’m at the wrong place....

So THC is fun and CBD isnt

Sounds like CBD is the part that should be legalized, not THC.
Yet the movement cries for both?

I aint no scientist or physchogist but Thc affects us all differently when this video showed that it increases anxiety , but I know a large number of people where that is not the case that is why more research should be made and less Hate towards this specific substance.

It's funny watching people vape or take CBD and say they feel high. you don't feel high because there's nothing in CBD to make you high! It's a placebo effect.

Great video!

Love the thumbnail. It tells so much.

I honestly don’t like CBD bc they taste like shit. I prefer using THC bc they help with my depression, anxiety and anger problem. THC actually helped me out with life and made me feel relaxed

best soap add ever

I took CBD 50mg but still felt a bit 'High' - so I assume there was still THC in lesser amount present but my brain 'felt' it.

weed is weed and that’s all i need
what Smokey say weed is from the earth and god put this here for me and you take advantage man

marijuana isn't even that bad for you compared to alcohol or cigarettes, it should totally be legal. It's not very addictive either wtf. I hope that if I ever get a bad injury and I have to take pain meds my mom will just let me smoke my weed without caring

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I use this on my back and knees, it helps with pain

Sooooo, I have a plant, how do I know whar it has?